No one forgets a great teacher, and our school’s success is based on a professional yet friendly relationship between pupils and our teachers. All staff has the interests of every child at heart, both in and out of the classroom.

Teaching staff

Name Designation Main responsibilities
Mr I.Broyd Headteacher Designated Safeguarding Lead & Assessment
Mrs S.Joynes Deputy Headteacher Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead Curriculum & PPG
Mrs C. Wright Assistant Headteacher/SENCO Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead & SENCO
Ms L.Tyrrell Nursery Teacher  
Miss E. Donaldson EYFS Class Teacher  
Mrs L.Roberts EYFS Class Teacher  
Mrs C. Wade EYFS Class Teacher  
Mrs A. Smith Year 1 Class Teacher  
Miss J.Orchard Year 1 Class Teacher  
Mrs B. Ahmet Year 1 Class Teacher  
Mrs A.Boasiako Year 2 Class Teacher  
Mrs A. Abegunde Year 2 Class Teacher  
Mrs C. Deverell Year 2 Class Teacher  
Mr M. Shields Year 3 Class Teacher  
Mrs H.McDonagh Year 3 Class Teacher  
Miss S.Stone Year 3 Class Teacher  
Mrs R. Storey Year 4 Class Teacher  
Mrs L.Botha Year 4 Class Teacher  
Mr N. Pennington Year 4 Class Teacher  
Miss L.Honeywell Year 5 Class Teacher  
Mrs P.Knowles Year 5 Class Teacher  
Mrs S. Ramalingam Year 5 Class Teacher  
Mrs C.Farrow Year 6 Class Teacher  
Mrs S.Ziobriene Year 6 Class Teacher  
Miss A. Lawson Year 6 Class Teacher  

Other teaching staff

Name Designation Main responsibilities
Mrs E.Edmondson HLTA PPA Cover
Mrs M.Suttling HLTA PPA Cover
Mrs S.Glenister HLTA PPA Cover
Mrs. S. Barrett Music Specialist PPA Cover

Teaching support staff

Name Designation
Mrs. L Flemming Pastoral Support LSA
Mrs D. Jessup LSA
Mrs K. Allen LSA
Mrs T.Hurley LSA
Ms A.Crowhurst LSA
Mrs S.Pealing  LSA
Mrs K. Aldwinckle -Povey LSA
Mrs D. Morton LSA
Mrs M. Martin LSA
Mrs K. Harvey LSA
Miss H Kay LSA
Mrs V. Wright LSA
Mrs B. Wright LSA
Mrs L. Williams LSA
Mrs W. Whitman LSA
Mrs C. Ward LSA
Mrs J. Brewer LSA
Mrs S. Gardiner LSA
Mrs J. Farrell Nursery Nurse
Mrs N. Lewin LSA
Miss C. Belton LSA
Miss H. Southgate LSA
Mrs. J. Torzewska LSA
Miss M. Harrison LSA
Miss L.Reddington LSA

Administrative staff

Name Designation
Mrs N.Greenfield Support Manager
Mrs J.Pinson Office staff
Mrs R.Mitra Office staff
Miss L.Roberts Office staff
Mrs C.Smyth Office staff

Midday staff

Name Designation
Mrs S.Pealing  LEAD MDA
Mrs K. Ahmed MDA
Mrs D. Marriage MDA
Mrs J. Reed MDA
Miss N.Smith MDA
Mrs S. Boonpak MDA
Mrs G. Collyer MDA
Mrs J. Bail MDA
Mrs Z. Clark MDA
Mrs S. Sungeelee MDA
Mrs L. Bray MDA
Mrs J. Brazier MDA
Mrs L.Bodset MDA
Mrs K.Kaur MDA

Premises/Cleaning staff

Name Designation
Mr G. Ashdown Site Manager
Mr D. Chamock Cleaner
Mr C. Smith Cleaner
Mrs B. Pasztorne Cleaner
Mrs V. Dimitriu Cleaner

Breakfast Club staff

Name Designation
Miss M. Harrison Breakfast club
Mrs S. Sungeelee Breakfast club